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We have a very short Coffee Break for you this week.

It’s a call to all early years practitioners to respond to the proposed changes to the EYFS. We have until 31st January to have our say. The ELGs are under the spotlight. They may be the endpoint of the EYFS, but they are part of a lifelong journey that begins at birth and continues beyond the end of Reception - a journey in which all early years educators play a crucial role.


The Education Team here at the FSF added their response last week. We also recorded a podcast about our thoughts. You can have a listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

For more inspiration and ideas on what to look out for, you may want to read what Early Education have to say and check out the Early Years Sector Coalition review. On the FSF, we have a couple of videos of Nancy Stewart (teacher, early years consultant and trainer) and Beatrice Merrick (of Chief Executive of Early Education) speaking at TEC 2 in November and sharing their thoughts on the proposed changes.

The educators who work with children every day, in all their varied settings, are the ones who know and understand what learning really looks like between birth and 5 years old.  It can be hard to find the time to contribute to this kind of document. And it can be hard to believe that our voices will be listened to. This may be one of those occasions when we have to do it anyway, because then at least we can say we had a go. And, who knows…

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