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As part of a course I am on I have to hoose a topic on which to do research and I HAVE CHOOSEN TO LOOK AT MAINTAINING (not sure why I am shouting)standards and how to ensure we are always giving the best care and education possible.We have more than one setting so I cannot be personnally present at them.I am sure that the task would be easier if we could afford to pay for the very best staff but we have to work with staff of very varying experience and abilities.Any ideas would be brill :o

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Hi Littleanna, paying the best doesnt always get you the best. :o Although young and inexperienced some of the staff might be just what you need, they have just come from training so might be feeling they would like to change or add things, they might have new ideas.


Do you have room leaders? That would lessen the load on you a little but it would also give them responsibility and ownership which could make them proud of their room and the standards are more likely to be maintained.


Do you ask the staff to fill in some kind of evaluation at the end of each day? They might list if any children were particulary upset or made a huge achievment, if they are ok for wipes and nappies, any cleaning materials needed, have they got sufficient paint, glue, paper for their upcoming activities? Were the aims achieved that day? If not, why not? It could help to focus their minds on the things that are needed to keep standards high.


Have they got easy access to the daycare standards books? The staff might need a reminder of them, although the standards are covered in training your settings will have their own ways of doing things that new staff might not be aware of.


Standards are an ongoing subject and failing on one can lead to the failure of others.


Good luck with your course xD:(

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