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Our early years team have invited my nursery (me!) to give a presentation in july on outdoor play mainly because we were lucky enough to be chosen as a runner up in the recent Nursery World outdoor competition. I was on a high when I glibly(sp?) accepted and now nerves are setting in....have never given a presentation other than to small nursery team, can't use cam corder, talke too fast when nervous etc. etc. I thought it would be for a small room full and now I hear there could be as many as 60 other practitioners...big glup:huh:

I've been given a camcorder to record the children at play (permission in process of being gained from parents) so I hope that I wont have to speak too much. My spot in the presentation evening is about 20 mins.

Does anyone have any tips of things I should do, shouldn't do or any advice in general - I'd like to make the 20 mins enjoyable and thought provoking and thought of putting a question out to the audience to hear a few of their favourite childhood play memories in the belief that the majority of them will have been outdoors.

My main aim for the evening is that other practitioners will go away with the feeling that the outdoors is an area worth improving/providing more frequently for the children in their care... Oh, and also for me to make it though my presentation without looking/sounding like a complete idiot and therefore letting myself and my nursery down :o


I truely look forward to any help and advice


thanks in advance


Sam X

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Seems to me you will win them over with your enthusiasm, you obviously know the benefits of outdoor play, as a runner up in the Nursery World competition you will have some credence.


Can you give them ideas to take away that they can do reasonably easily, and without too much expense, just to get them started. The old tuff spot springs to mind!


Have never had to give a presentation before so am not the best person to help. Once when I was chairperson at our group, I had to stand up in front of an audience to thank various people. The audience were all a blur!


Make the presentation interesting and they won't be looking at you. Will you use power point? You should have key words or phrases and elaborate on them verbally. Use transitions in power point to make each bullet point slide in on the click of the mouse/return key when you need it.


Most of all, have fun and it will be infectious.

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In my tutor training I've learnt that when we present to others we often need to slow our speech a tad. I know its an area I'm definitly going to have trouble with.

Also try to look at the top of peoples heads rather than make eye contact, it should stop you getting the giggles, or getting self consious.

And loads of luck :o

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