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We had our NEF Audit a couple of weeks ago. It went really well.


Can you believe it I have to send statements to all of my funded childrens parents to tell them they owe me NOTHING.


What a waste of time, energy, ink and paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I understand why I have to do it, but that doesn't make it any better).


So this afternoon I have prepared 31 invoices and another 31 for my records. Like I don't have enough to do with other paperwork.


Have been stewing over this, so just had to get it off my chest. Thank you. :o

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We had our first audit a few months ago. It went well generally as I had everything they needed. One thing did bother me though. We book children in per term and request fees at the start of the term. They questioned a long holiday that a child took and advised that we shouldn't really receive the grant if the child isn't there.

We obviously need to keep the child's place but cannot do so at no cost so I don't know how we will tackle this if it happens again. They also challenged some fees that had been paid incorrectly to us and wanted to pull them back and this was in their report. I wrote back to them and said that unless they send the acknowledgement to the correct address (which they weren't after being advised several times) then I had no way of checking. Also the system our LA use is very vague and we cannot check in detail if the funding has been allocated correctly.

In the end I received a reply back saying that they would not be claiming it back so if you happen to disagree with anything in your audit, don't be afraid to challenge it.

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Our audit picked up that a child had had 15 sessions off in one term. She attends 3 sessions a week so that isn't really that much time off.


She had been ill with chicken pox, then her brother had it and mum tried to get the girl in whenever she could.


The auditor said that because the child had been off so many times she may reclaim some of my funding back, but because I was able to provide proof of why she had been off for 7 of those 15 sessions the auditor said she would let me off and not claim it back.


I know the children have the grant, but we can't lay down laws saying they have to attend 100% can we? We are not a school, parents don't have to seek permission to take them on holiday etc. In fact I agree with parents to make the most it while they can and go out of season whilst its cheaper.


If the NEF was claimed back, would you try and recoupe the money back from parents, or would you accept it as a 'right off'. :o

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