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Guest toddleo

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Guest toddleo

I am thinking about making a fresh new leaflet for our new enquirers (we are a pre school)


I was just wondering what other settings put in theirs, it would be nice to get a fresh slant on things. I want to keep it simple, just the basics as we provide more detailed information to them when they start with us.


Any chance of you guys filling me in on what you provide?

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we have a leaflet for people who enquire which contains


a welcome and introduction to the setting, a bit about us and who to contact.

Contact numbers - email and times mobile will be on in holidays etc.

staff and staffing levels

opening times

how to book a place


committee info

equal opps statement- just a sentence or two

behaviour management statement - just a sentence or two

Complaints procedure - where to find it and brief statement

A bit on practical matters- toileting needs, suitable clothing etc

Goods for sale


sure it has more but it only covers an a4 size sheet two sides


full booklet given or sent when they start with more detailed info.


Have thought about making one in different form which is answering questions they may have but not got time at present.


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Guest Wolfie

I was "flicking" through the EYFS documents the other day and came across a section which listed the information that should be made available to parents as part of the Standards - it might be worth having a look at that to see whether you can cover some/all of that in the booklet. I haven't got a copy to hand at the moment - when I do, I'll look up the page and edit my post! :o


Ok, I''ve found it - it's in the Statutory Framework booklet, page 23, under "Safeguarding and promoting children's welfare". Maybe you wouldn't want that much detailed information in your booklet but it some of it might save you time later and you'd know that you'd provided it!

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Guest toddleo

very helpful that Wolfie, will check it out! Makes me laugh to think of us "flicking" through the new EYFS stuff, on the loo, in the bath, in bed etc... LOL

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