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0-2 "height" Tables And Chairs


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I am in the process of opening a small 6 place Baby Wing and am struggling to find appropriate furniture. Everything I look at is too high (aimed at 3-5's)


The wing will cater for children aged 0-2, and I am looking for furniture for the older children to work at. I am struggling with all of the obvious catalogues.


Can anyone offer any advice, suggest suppliers.

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try theconsortium.co.uk.......but someone on here (i'm sorry, I has some CP things for sale (see below)contact her, they'd be a bargain!



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I have some 'Community Playthings' Furniture that I am trying to sell as we do not use it.


Tables, chairs(adult and child), cots and bumpers ideal for use in nurseries and pre-schools.


It is all high quality and in good condition.


It is all priced at half what it costs new!


Please contact me via PM or email through the Forum, for more information (prices and photos)

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We have some brilliant furniture for our 0-2's from Morleys. They come in various sizes but we were really pleased that they did a small size for the babies. The babies it in them better than they ever did with the highchairs and they are easy to attach reigns to. I would recomend the chairs with arms for the 0-1's but our 1-2's are fine with ones without arms. The tables come in various shapes and sizes and I have to say the prices have come right down since we bought ours a few years ago. I think they originate from France and are made to order- if I remember rightly they take a few weeks to arrive. There are some pictures here http://www.morleys.co.uk/early_years/categ...at=1&cat2=4 and here http://www.morleys.co.uk/early_years/produ...t=2&cat2=28




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