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After working in a sessional pre-school for 5 and half years, (as a deputy Supervisor) and recently moving on to another (sessional) pre-school to be Supervisor, which I hated (because of the pre-school, not the position) I am now looking for a change. A job has been advertised for a teaching assistant in the reception/year 1 class of a small rural school.


Can anyone tell me if having a level 3 in childcare and working towards a level 4 could be acceptable as qualifications for this job? I presume I would no longer have to do so much unpaid paperwork? If anyone could give me some insight into this position I would be really grateful, I really really dont want to make another mistake!!


Thank you



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I have just left my TA job after 10 yrs to work as a full time manager in our pre-school. I have the same qualifications as you and really liked the job. Go have a look in the right school it is rewarding and yes there is no out of hours planning.

good luck


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