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Saturday night and all I can think about is work how sad is that!


Can anyone put me out of my misery? !!


and share what records/documents and forms that you have in the kitchen ie temperature log etc


Been on a basic food hygiene course today and they wizzed throu and didnt really cover records at all I dont think ours are sufficient or detailled enough and definately need some attention.


I spoke to an officer back in march from environmental health who said they would be back in 3 weeks- guess what they havent come back yet Ill have to keep chasing


Once again I really appreciate your help and support guys xx


What an earth would I do without this fab site !

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we have cleaning records, food temperature records, fridge & freezer temp records, records of temps of food brought in chilled e.g. chilled meats delivered, we use the better food safer business toolkit available online from the environmental health department hope this helps. Shelley

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Same here, the environmental health gave us our packs when they came to do their inspection. Thats what we log everything in, even minor complaints about e.g. staff not putting things back in correct places or if we are out of bin liners. We also have our staff notice board in the kitchen so the staff can read it while boiling the kettle. on this is a colour coded chart for cloths, gloves, sprays etc.. for their reference and a rota for the cleaning of the kitchen, fridge, cooker and microwave etc.. they are very basic. :o

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Guest Wolfie

I agree with all the above and found our local Environmental Health department very helpful and full of useful advice - I think they're used to being seen as "the enemy" and welcome the chance to work alongside providers rather than just being seen as inspectors - give them a ring! :o

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Good timing, we had Environmental health in for their check a few weeks back and I spent 20mins discussing our kitchen cleaning routines, not the most interesting topic to discuss but nonetheless quite informative.


It depends on the size, condition and appliances in your kitchen but this is what we’ve got on our cleaning rotas and the staff sign them accordingly…


Kitchen daily


· Work surface cleaned.

· Microwave cleaned.

· Toasters checked and wiped.

· Fridges checked for out of date food and wiped over. (They're cleaned out completely every Friday)

· Bins emptied and lids wiped.

· Ledges wiped.

· Floor swept and mopped.

· Side of dishwasher wiped. (As the bin sits in corner between dishwasher and wall)

· Wall behind bin wiped. (Worth noting the wall behind the bin is tiled)

· Washing up done and put away.

· Bain Marie cleaned.


Kitchen weekly


· Check for pests. (Legal requirement, usually done Monday morning)

· Cutlery draw cleaned. (Fridays)

· Bins disinfected. (Fridays)

· Door handles disinfected. (Fridays)

· Safety gate disinfected. (Fridays)

· Cupboards cleaned and sorted. (We usually do this when the weekly shopping comes in)

· Paper towels stocked. (and as and when needed)

· Mop heads washed. (Fridays)


Kitchen monthly


· Windows cleaned.

· Fridge pulled out and cleaned behind.

· Cupboards pulled out and cleaned behind. (They’re attached to the wall so we only do it monthly)

· Cupboard under sink cleaned and sorted.

· Skirting board cleaned.

· Door and frame cleaned.


Temperature checks for the fridges. (Written in better food safer business booklet)

Temperature checks for food when it arrives and when it is served, as a caterer supplies our dinners. (Written on weekly menus)


…You'd have to include things like a cooker etc. if youv'e got them as well, if I think of anything else I’ll add it :o



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Hi Sharonash,


We also use the Better Safe Food booklet kit and we have a weekly kitchen cleaning routine which breaks down into daily tasks and includes what Barrmj has said, staff have to tick each task when it is done and initial it, so management can get back to them if the task was not done correctly.




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