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Help -it's Dissertation Time For My Honours


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Hello all, i wonder if any of you lovely people can halp me. i have to use this half term to write a proposal for my third year honours dissertation. But due to my father being gravely ill, i haven't had time prior to actually think about it, let alone come up with a topic. I did have an idea like, 'Have traditional nursery rhymes got a place in today's schools?' Do any of you think that this might be a good topic to choose. Another idea i had was something to do with emotional literacy inmy school. However i really didn't want to do a case study.

Please could i have some help?

Thanxs :o

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It seems so long since I did my dissertation... I remember that my tutor told me that it MUST be something that I have an interest in either work-related or personally otherwise it will become a drag and get boring very quickly.


I did mine on gender expectations in the classroom and looked at perceptions of teachers about boys and girls and looked at perceptions from the child's point of view and then related it all back to research, which there was a lot of.


That's another trick - find a topic that is currently in the media so that there will be lots of up to date journals and research projects. I quite like the idea of a nursery rhyme dissertation as you would be able to go back to the origins of the song and apply it to modern day life. Similarly fairy stories would work the same... Remember that you are either trying to prove or disprove a theory though - so it has to be a statement rather than a question (well, it did in my day!)


The other mini-project I did for my child psychology was 'mother care or other care - the effect of private daycare on young children' (the EPPE project virtually wrote this for me!!) and I looked at attachment theory and linked it to key person research.


I hope that there are lots of suggestions coming your way.... :o


PS Sorry to hear about your dad ((hugs))

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Guest Wolfie

I'm so sorry to hear about your father, it must be a really tough time for you. As far as a subject for your dissertation goes, what have been the topics/subjects that have really interested you during your degree so far - it'll be easier to write if it's about something that you're really interested in, so that might be a good starting point?


I think Running Bunny and I must have posted replies at exactly the same time...sounds like we're singing from the same hymn sheet anyway!!

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Hi louise,

This must be a very difficult time for you in trying to balance needs. My thoughts are with you.

Are your tutors aware of your situation? There may, given your circumstances, be able to extend expected dates for your submittal.

I think your first idea about the place of traditional rhymes in today's schools is a subject you can really get your teeth into. The answer of course is 'Yes!'

Nursery rhymes are part of our heritage and provide a starting point of familiarity and links with home for many young and older children.Nursery rhymes are able to provide innumerable links with the curriculum in all subjects. Take The Grand Old Duke of York for example that tells us about a real historical fact.And we can adapt nursery rhymes to fit our changing world as well as serve our sense of humour.

Arguments against... What do the words of nursery rhymes actually mean? In the new Litearcy framework (Rose Report) do nursery rhymes actually help children to comprehend?


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Hi Louise,


I am all for not making any additional work for myself, therefore when I did my dissertation, I wanted to ensure my research would be easy to find therefore make sure it is a topical subject, also I wanted to make sure that all the time and effort needed 'meet the grade' would be useful to me and not just an exercise to tick boxes. Is there anything at school that need your attention? with me it was the transition from reception to year 1. As a consequence of my research we changed our practise and this has greatly improved the transition for the children and staff concerned. Having subsequently done my teacher training in the year 1 class it has helped me in the long run too!


Good Luck and whilst the extension may be tempting it won't go away and if you are researching a subject you are interested in it will take your mind off your other worries too.


I have to add the interest part is very important you need the interest to write 10,000 words!


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having just done mine choose something that you have real interest in..that will get you through it...good luck and hope your dad is ok ..know what your going through my nan is really poorly 98 yrs but am going to hospital every day good luck :o

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Thank you for all your kind words and sound advice. You are right in saying that it is good to know that there are some sound minded people out there to listen and help.

I have decided not to defer as i really want to pass, so that my dad whether if he is alive or not will be proud of me.

Thank you again, real cyper friendsxxx

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