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I am looking for an action plan format (see reasons why in 'lounge/golden time'). Has anyone got a format they wouldnt mind sharing with me? It would be to show the areas of weakness in my setting and the action that needs to be taken.


Thank you


jenni x

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we use something along lines of


1 Key Issue or priority of focus


2 Action or Targets to focus on

This is tasks to be done to achieve targets,

responsibility - who will do them

timescale - date by when target should be achieved or reviewed.

this can be broken down into as many steps as you feel necessary, sometimes it is good to have lots of simple easy to achieve steps to tick off.


3 Monitoring / review date

date for checking results


4 Evidence

to show that it has been done.


this is how our Early years team suggested any were done as does our Accreditation

which also asks for

5 benefit for the child... to ensure that child will gain from any changes and how. tends to focus thinking on child


sure others will have different methods of doing it , as always it is what works for you and your team


good luck



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Hi Jenni

I am going to attach a blank form we use for our action plan. This is what we use after an inspection but it could be used at any time. I have read your other post and agree with a lot of what the others have said but remember-Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't give yourself too much to do in a short space of time because you will end up doing bits of everything, getting nothing completed and stressing yourself out.

Your priority must of course be putting into action safety plans. Then list all the things you want to do, such as changing the planning, and give yourself and staff a realistic time scale. If OFSTED can see that you have identified what you need to change and that you have started the ball rolling they will be happier than if you have nothing in mind.

Good luck.



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Thought I would also add our self assesment form. We try to do this twice each year. This could be something you do once you have everything in place. We do this in addition to the required OFSTED form.



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