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I am planning a topic on the seaside for a Reception and a Nursery class. Does anyone have any good ideas for this topic? I have run out of good ideas, must need a holiday!


Thank you,



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Hi Rosemary,

If you've got an Ikea near you I've just bought a pack of 10 sea creature finger puppets for £3.99. :o

Dont know if you've got the room but years ago we covered an area of the church hall and filled it with sand, we had a paddling pool, beach towels, picnic stuff, buckets and spades.

Have lots of holiday brochures, Britain as well as abroad. Make passports, pack suitcases.

Look at sea creatures and seaweed. Use big cardboard coffee cups, cover in glue and roll in sand for instant sand castles, a tip I've never tried but it sounds good.

Flags from different parts of the world, languages, are any of your children going abroad, could the parents fetch a local newspaper?

Put a layer of sand in your water tray with rocks and plastic creatures.

I sometimes think this topic should be at the end of the summer when everyone has had a chance to collect the resources. Have a fun time xD

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my tuff spot is looking rather splendid right now


see photo...


Coffee Filter Fish: with felt pens colour patterns etc on to the coffee filter, (the round ones) then using "droppers" drip water onto the filter and watch the colours run. Then add fins and eyes and tail. We also added one sparkly scale which the rainbow fish gave them for their fish.


ICT we had a fish template that they could use a paint programme in to fill and colour with.


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Guest Wolfie

Tuffspot...your tuffspot is amazing! :o


Weve played a really good game called "Pass the Passport" during circle time - in the middle of the group is a large suitcase and a pile of things you might/might not want to pack to go on holiday...you could have a collection that you might/might not want to take to the seaside instead? Anyway, it's just like Pass the Parcel, the children pass the passport round until the music stops and the child holding it chooses something to pack in the suitcase and says why they want to take it. The children always love it and it's a great language activity.

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