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Hi all

I as just wondering what you do to ease transition from Foundatio into year 1. Previously we have just had a class swap day in July where children go and spend the afternoon with their new teacher. We are wanting to do more this year and was just wondering at you do?

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Hi Lola


We have done a lot of work on transition in Nottingham city and produced some documents with case studies in


We send a piece of work up or the original book

Rec teacher plans some sessions such as phonics for Y1 teacher in september

adults do swaps between classes in july and in september

Y1 teacher organises the classroom along the lines of the rec class, this continues for a term

R teacher organises the groups which continue at least up to half term


Should go smoothly but doesn't always



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Our reception children are quite seperate from rest of school as they are situated in an early years block with their own outdoor area. so next half-term we will put several strategies in place to ease the transition -


* children will go out to play once a week with rest of school at break-time - reception TA goes with them and Y1 teacher is on duty.

* children will go out onto main playground after their lunch


we used to have 1 swap day but found this wasn't enough - now the class visits their new teacher/classroom once a week for half an hour - this is accomodated when reception teacher is meeting her new children and year 1 children go to assembly with TA.


we also plan an induction meeting for parents are many are anxious themselves about move up to 'big school'.


like Jo Y1 is organised very much like reception in 1st term.

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Guest tinkerbell

we have a mixed r/yr1 and a yr1/yr2 in our school so

All r/yr1 go out on field on wednesday afternoon together

r,yr1,yr2 have their own circle time twice a week

Golden time on friday the two classess mingle

The yr2/yr1 teacher does the register in Class1 twice a week and a story (20 mins)and I go and do class2 register and handwriting

We have a weekly KS1 assembly.

next half term we will have more mixed sessions on the field,sports



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Hi , I have worked over the past couple of years with the Year 1 teacher trying to make smooth transitions between my Reception Class and the Year 1 class. Some of the things that we have tried are , sharing ideas about classroom areas, we both have the same pictures in the sand, writing area etc. This has enabled the children to immediately be aware of the classroom areas available to them for independent activites. The Year 1 teacher also uses adult initiated Key questions in her clasroom areas, the children are already familiar with this system in Reception class. We have several visits in the Summer Term and in the children's final visit they take their trays with their name on from my class and put it in the new trolley in Year 1. Other schools even move the Reception classroom assistant up to Year 1 (if you're lucky enough to have one!) along with the children. The Year 1 teacher will also make visits to my class to teach the children for sessions in their familiar environment. I have spoken to other practitoners in my LA who have been involved in Action Research groups about transition to Year 1, and they said after interviewing the children it was surprising how many of them had genuine fears about the move. I think sometimes we feel that because they are already in school the transition should be less daunting. I have use a little book called 'Smooth Transitions' for ideas I think this was a Sally Featherstone book, and it's also worth looking at QCA's Continuing the Learning Journey.

Sorry if I've rambled!

Hope it is useful to you.

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It's got to be heavily weighted towards planning the experience the children will have in yr1 - by that i mean how are Y1 prepared to continue the learning for the children in ways that will minimise changes and worry and unneccesary differences in practice. pre visits etc are great but it is more to do with sept 1st and beyond and that gets lost somehow and "Transition" can become a FS thing which is expected to be "done" like an intervention strategy!! My transition working party group complain that noone understands them - I tell them it's been like that in FS for years!!! But I do think that Yr1 is dealing with similar issues to those that reception classes did a few years back - neither strictly FS nor strictly KS1 but trying to find an identity inbetween that reflects the specific needs of the 5 - 6yr old, working in a system that is pulling them in different directions.


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