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Rainforests/ Jungle- Differences?


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ok :o I know this is a silly question but could you please tell me simply the differences between a Jungle and Rainforest? I guess Rainforests is a forest and jungle out in the open? I have searched for info but would just like a simple explanation.





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Hi Rachel

In actual fact a jungle is not out in the open! It is land overgrown by tangled vegetation especially in the tropics-so I suppose a rainforest is a jungle. I think many people have a misconception that lions, zebras and other such animals live in a jungle when in actual fact they mostly live in long grass plains.

So I suppose the answer is there is no real difference. :oxD:(


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Rainforest: a forest in a tropical area which receives a lot of rain.


Jungle: a tropical forest in which trees and plants grow very closely together.


We have a tropical rainforest in Puerto Rico, yet it doesn't have certain wild animals that you would find in the jungle (e.g. tiger, anacondas, orang-utan, gorilla, elephant, crocodile, rhino, leopard, panther, golden lion tamarind, vampire bat, ocelot).




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