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I've spent the morning at a meeting with a Lead officer in the LEA going over the new consultation that has to be in for the 1st June.

Well it was 2+ hours of getting no where.

This is the consultation where they want to know do we want to be brought in to line with schools on how our funding is calculated and on how we count our children etc.


We kept asking for information on the FORMULA that is used to calculate how much schools get per child. Also that the School Forum that allocates our money is all made up of school Head Teachers and Governors.

I have nothing against governors or teachers but they have no idea on how much it costs us to look after a child. The whole morning was a waste of time.

If I hear one more person ask me if I agree in PRINCIPLE I will scream. :o

It was like asking how long is a length of string and being told nothing.


In Principle I agree with most of it but when some one tells me it can't be define in financial terms ARGH!!!!!!!

I think they think we are paid in peaniuts and pay out in peanuts.


Sorry to have a rant but it was so frustrating to sit and be waffled at and no straight answers. Surprise Surprise we are having a meeting in 2 weeks time to discuss it again when we have asked for some financial figures.

Can't see them coming up with anything but we live in hope :(:(

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I can feel your frustration, how annoying to waste your valuable time like that. the consultation is not easy reading and I am sure you were hoping for some clarification over the different options. You rant away, I think I would too.


Hopefully your next meeting will be more informative, do let us know won't you.




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