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Hey, I am wondering if anyone has any good ideas on theme of pirates??! My class is a mixed class ranging from Reception to Year 2.


Any ideas would be much appreciated



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I’d like to be a Pirate



I’d like to be a pirate one day


With so many harbours to stay




Through the seven seas I’d sail


Whilst around me the sirens will wail




I’d rob all the ships come passing by


And give to the poor in a wink of an eye




Then it won‘t take very long


When you will hear a tell-tale song,




about the fearless pirate at sea


and you will know – that pirate is ME!!




Copyright © 1996 Fairy nightingale@swissonline.ch




There's also some resources here:



Did you know this?....'Sing a Song of Sixpence' was apparently a coded message used by the legendary pirate captain Blackbeard to recruit pirates. Sixpence and a hipflask of rye whisky was the weekly pirate's wage. The 'blackbirds' were blackbeard's pirates and the 'pie' his ship. The King's ships were the usual targets of Blackbeard's raids, so the pie full of blackbirds was a 'dainty dish' to set before him. The second verse is also easily translated, and many sources on this apparently well verified explanation are easy to find on the internet

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Ooo, I loive knowing abou tnursery rhymes origins, I havent looked for any for ages though, it's sort of thing I usually just happen upon rather than go searching for.


I'll use that somewhere :o

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