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In Kent we had a 400 strong attendance at a Local Authority meeting about the KCC delegated conditions required of us to receive NEG. The following e-mails I received today sets out the partial success and how the battle commences. If you are affected by low NEG rates, concerned about sustainability then please take the time to read how PEOPLE POWER has worked but also see how more people like yourselves can make a difference and get the NEG catastophe changed.


email from te Kent Association:


Dear Provider,


Although the meeting on Tues was a major milestone, and KCC were publically humbled and humiliated and sent back to the drawing board, it is vital that we do not rest on our laurels. It is clear now that the main target for us is the DfES and the Code of Practice. This will be a tough nut to crack, Bev does not want to be shifted, but we are the people to do it.


To break the stranglehold of the CofP we must enlarge the campaign... the meeting showed what we can do when we are united and I now urge every one of you to do whatever you can to spread the word and get support. You don't have to take your clothes off or chain yourself to railings...there are a number of ways you can help;

Speak to every provider you know and make sure that they know what is happening

Get them to email me and I will add them to the circulation list (we don't yet have full coverage in Kent ) and some still have their heads in the sand

Send or give them copies of Darrell's speech, or the press release or the providers comments from the meeting

Give copies of these to your parents, tell them to look at the web site www.saveournurseries.org

Write or email your MP - see list attached (which has email addresses)

Ask your MP if he has signed the Early Day Motion

Do you know any celebrities that send their kids to a Kent Nursery? If so, Ask them if they would get involved

Do you know anyone in the Press or the media? Speak to them. Tell them to contact me

Get people to sign the petition (see website)

Write to your local paper - give them Darrell's speech, or the press release or the providers comments from the meeting

Educate your parents - I know it is not easy, they are probably confused and it is a difficult topic, just tell them we are fighting for survival and we need their help. Get them to write to their MP. Make it easy for them, write them a letter that they can sign and send.

OK take your clothes off and chain your self to railings if you have to....



There are groups starting to get active in other parts of the country now - Oxford are meeting with their council, are getting tv and radio interviews - they even have Boris Johnson coming to see them and lend his support ! To fight the Cof P we need to make the campaign national.


Do you know any providers in other parts of the country?


Copy them Darrell's speech and the other docs. Tell them to send me their email address and we can show them how to get mobilised. Tell them to look at the website. Above all tell them that what has happened in Kent is coming their way and they don't have much time to defend their livelihoods.

People are the fuel to power us - talk to someone today !




The following attachments include Darrel Kings inspiring speech plus ways in which you can have your say.... Yes, a bit of reading but you do have a 3 day weekend :o







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Beverley Hughes is a guest seaker at the Pre-school learning alliances national AGM on June 29th. Maybe full now but a chance for those going to see what she has to say, I know the PLA are eager to talk about how funding needs to spread fairer and to meet the needs of the settings.

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She is also at the NDNA conference in Salford on Thursday 21st June, so I'm sure that she will get challenged on it there too! (She usually manages to be going somewhere else so can't take many questions - not sure she can get away with it at 4.30 in the afternoon this time!!)


I'll let you know if there are any comments...


(Anyone else going to NDNA conference this year?)

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