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Hi Crafter, quite a broad question to answer ( and I don't know because I'm not doing it yet) so here is a link to a list of posts where this has previously been discussed.




hope this helps, happy reading. Any future specific questions to help then don't hesitate to ask, plenty of members are in the process of doing this assessment.



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In my present frame of mind id say don't do it LOL, But i have spent the day doing tasks, preparing staff meetings (to meet EYP standards) etc etc and am feeling rather perplexed and de-motivated by it all.........


i won't lie there is lots of work involved, but its a move forward in terms of recignition for childcare practitioners....


i just did my critical incident and wanted to post it here for others views, but not actually sure if im 'allowed' to post it or not..... wondered if it would constitute it not being my work if i put it out her for your opinions... hmmmmm im waffiling, brain gone mad,......note to self ' must relax and turn EYP part of brain off LOL'



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