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I know there has been lots of discussion on information received from nursery's and pre-schools when children transfer to school.....


However I am in the situation where we receive hardly any information on the children as reports etc go to parents and we rarely get to see them.


I have been asked by my head to put together a simple sheet to go to the pre-schools for them to fill in about the children that are coming to us in September. It needs to focus mainly on PSED. Does anyone have something like this they use?


I have thought about sending just the first three points of the PSED profile and a comments box.... but wondered if anyone had anything better to offer.


Thanks in advance.


Lorna :oxD:(

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The one form our Lea which all pre-schools use is based on the first 3 profile points for all areas of learning, each also has a box for futher comments as some children do exceed these in some areas. We are informed that they have to be heirarchical and complete them to be as schools by mid July latest, some schools request them earlier.


Also a parents comments box and somewhere for parents to sign to say they have seen them and are happy for us to send it to the school.... not had a refusal yet but have had some parents who disagree with us, and add thier own comments to this effect...this is usually because the children are so different at pre-school to at home.


As said before we have to do them but I know schools who do not look at them, and can understand in a way as children change so much in the 8 weeks between us completing them and arriving at school, particularly with 6 weeks off at home,





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