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Recognised Self Assessment Framework?


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Hi again!

I just wondered if anyone could put me in touch with a recognised self appraisal style/evaluation form or publication which I would be able to use with a new setting where I am working. I need something as a starting point which means I have something to share that is not just my subjective view!

Any ideas?! Thanks!


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Hi Matt,

I've just got hold of a copy of

"Managing the Foundation Stage", by Lorraine Lord, Ruth Pimentel (the FS Director, now) and Kathy Slinn, published by Pearson Publishing. I think it's really very good, (I've seen some dreadful ones in the past!)and just the thing that would help in your work. As I have a copy for reviewing on the site in the near future, I'm not sure how much it is, but check it out on their website


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Guest Wolfie

I've got the one that Helen mentions too and would agree that it is very comprehensive and user friendly.

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