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Teddy Bear Rhymes


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i have just bought a big bag of little teddies (enough for the children to have one each)

we had a visitor a few months back who did a rhyme with small teddy bears


i can only remember the children putting the bears behind their back and

counting 1 2 3, teddy went boo... they also had to put teddy on their head etc ,


i was hoping someone may know this rhyme, and other rhymes we could use these small bears with. (i can only think of Teddy Bear Teddy Bear turn around etc :o )





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How about ......


Round and round the garden


Teddy (as opposed to bear!) went over the mountain


Children can use teddy for all the 'knee' songs - humpty dumpty, row the boat, see saw marjery daw, ride a cock horse, this is the way the lady rides


Sarahx :)

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Like that one bubblejack :D


Sorry can't think of any at the moment, I used to have a web address for a teddy bear site but alas lost all my 'favourites' when my computer died :(


Our children love having the teddy bears bouncing on the parachute, it stills sends me in fits of giggles as they somersault in the air :oxD



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Five Little Teddy Bears


Five little teddy bears dancing on the floor,

One fell down and then there were four.


Four little teddy bears climbing up a tree,

One found a bee hive and then there were three.


Three little teddy bears wondering what to do,

One chased a bunny rabbit, then there were two.


Two little teddy bears looking for some fun.

One took a swim and that left one.


One little teddy bear sitting all alone,

He looked all around and then went home




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Hi all


thanks for all your ideas, sorry to take so long thanking people (cause i think its rude not too xD) but just been soooo busy, anyway i've found the rhyme i was thinking of (my early years advisor emailed it me :o ) so i thought i'd share just incase anyone wanted to use it


Teddy bear teddy bear turn around

(Children to turn the teddy around and around)

Teddy bear teddy bear jump up and down

(Children to make teddy jump really high)

Teddy bear teddy bear sit on my leg

(Children to sit the teddy on their knee)

Teddy bear teddy bear stand on my head

(Wait while the children put teddy on their heads)

Teddy bear teddy bear hide behind me

(Encourage children to put teddy behind them and bring hands to the front)

Teddy bear teddy bear where can he be?

(Encourage children to wait until you say READY STEADY then let them and you reach to find teddy and say BOO together as they hold up and shake and show their teddy)


Cheers for other ryhmes i will ad them to our teddy rhyme book :(


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