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:D Hello everyone

I have just joined the forum for the first time. I am an NQT foundation stage teacher and at the moment have three year groups within my class from nursery to year 1. My topic for this term is growing as I am about to have some planters built in the playground. I wondered is anyone had any ideas for my planters and also on planning for the three different year groups. At the moment I plan for the reception and use differentiation for the others.

I have already accessed the resources you have given for growing and have found them very useful, many thanks.


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Hi Joanie and welcome.

that sounds like quite a challenge! How many children do you have?


growing can be related to the childrens own growth and to life cycles of animals and other creatures at this time of year! How about the Hungry Caterpillar, you could do lovely differentiated work with that?


Im also going to pop this into curriculum and general issues section and delete your duplicate post!

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i did 10 days on Monet whilst doing the topic of "growth" while Ofsted were in.

We started with a TASC wheel; what did they already know about Monet? What would they like to know about him and then how can we find this out?

One of my reception children wanted to know whether he could ride a bike! But Low and behold another child came in the next day with a photo of Claude Monet riding a bike through the poppy frields in France.

We based our CLL on the book "The magical garden of Claude Monet" which has the most beautiful descriptive language, did lots of colourmixing and experimented with finger painting, washing paper and dabbing sponges and cotton buds onto the wet paper and many, many more exciting things. We finished off with the book "love on a lily pad in Monet's garden".

Ofsted loved it and commented on the display work, along with the ideas coming from the children themselves. When they asked my 4/5 year olds what they had found out about him they were amazed at what the children knew. So were their parents.


Not exactly what you were asking about but had to share it as it was one of those chances I took which worked really well.

Were doing it again this term with Matisse, starting with "the snail" whilst doing the topic of Minibeasts.

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Welcome Joanie!

Wow - that sounds an interesting class!

Stories to do with growing: The Hungry Caterpillar (obviously!!), Growing Good, Jack and the Beanstalk, Jim and the Beanstalk, Oliver's Vegetables, The Tiny Seed, and that's all I can think of for now.

What are you going to grow in your planters? Last year, when I taught in nursery (I'm currently on a temp contract until mid-May) we grew potatoes in tyres and baby carrots; both of which were harvestable within term time. Also, sunflowers are great because they get really big, look nice and show the cycle of life very nicely when they produce seeds.

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Hi Joanne, can I recommend caterpillars? I bought 5 at the Ed show from Warwick Technologies, not sure of the right name at the moment, this morning we released the last 2 to the great outdoors. It been really interesting for us to watch and anticipate. :D:D

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