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Handa's Surprise!


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I'm thinking of using this book as part of our books topic. Can anyone share some ideas/inspiration on what I could do.



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I have a made up my own story sack with toys from jumble and charity shops.

There is also a web site that provides a link to a site where you can print off some story board characters. www.rtpodmore.co.uk Look under themes.

We also provide a basket of fruit for the children to balance on their head.

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Hi Jo


I ahve just done a topic on Africa and used this story as part of my main focus - also had to produce a display and activity day for a whole school literacy day - the children had great fun and prodiced some fantastic work - i did a topic starter on here not so long ago and people gave lots of ideas - not sure how to link it to this rely though?!!?!?!?


Depending in age of ur children I teach reception and we did lots of artwork - drawing animals, fruits scenery etc.. using chalks, pastels, paints, pencil etc. then wrote about our pictures.


we tasted each of the fruits from handas basket ( can be quite expensive) tasted dried versions of the fruits discussed likes, dislikes etc. PSE - surpirses, nice things we could do, talkaed about the behaviour of the nayghty anmimals - stealing the friut aswell. made lists of the fruit she put in, sequenced order of fruit and animals as go through the books.

seem to be rambling but thier are so many ideas i had difficulty findign enough time to do them all!!!


Enjoy! - my class certainly did


I also went into google and typed HAndas surprise and it took me to loads of webpages of things that other people had done - many great i deas htere.



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hi ya,


the following link will lead you to a page that has a medium term plan of handas surprise. scroll through it and find the sentence that says downlad plan/document.


it has loads of ideas which i have tried and many have been successful.


hope this helps.





clare x

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