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Does Planning Really Meet Children's Needs?

Guest Alix

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Has anyone read 'Close attention: It's time to ask whether all the investment in and planning for early years care and education is helping to achieve what young children really need?' by Kathy Goouch , in Nursery World magazine 22 march 2007.


I would be interested to know what you think if you have read this critical article.

If you have not I am sure you have stuff to say from your experience of planning to meet targets in the FS classroom. Are you feeling stressed by having to be accountable for children's unrealistic attainment? My Head would like 85% of my reception children to achieve a 1b in their profiles (level 8 in profile points). Are we beginning to miss the plot?


'Achieving loving, respectful practices is possible through play rather than didactic practices, by players rather than curriculum managers, and is evaluated by the simple evidence of happy, playing and achieving children rather than by crude national benchmarks'. (K.Goouch in Nursery World, 22 March 2007).


Food for early years thought?


Share your thoughts.

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Hi Alix and welcome.


I havent read the articles you mention but I do think that we and the children, in consequence, have to jump through too many hoops too soon. Developmental needs seem to get forgotten.

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Thanks Alix. I'm really interested in this topic and Kathy Goouch sounds like someone after my own heart! I am lucky in my school (VERY lucky) in that we are trusted just to get on with our jobs as best we see fit - I really, really don't do very much planning at all. Just a half-term overview (sent to parents) and a weekly overview. That's it.


What is the point of writing it all down??????????????? How many lessons progress and/or finish as you have planned (they shouldn't any way if you respond to children's own interests/needs)


I am also starting to have my doubts about the amount of written narrative observations we do but that's a whole other can of worms!!


I must go and find that article, thanks again Alix.

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Thanks for encouraging responses.

I would be interested in peoples approaches to planning , so don't let this topic fade because we need to tackle the awfulness of the pressures of being accountable for planning and meeting rigid overinflated targets.




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