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Assessment In Pre-school


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Hi ng and welcome.


I am going to move this into the preschool section as you may get more response there. I am sure that this is a topic that has been covered before so have you tried a search?

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Hi Susan,


Thank you, I am new to this and I did think I had posted it in the wrong place!


I will try a search now


Many thanks

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Hello ng74, just wanted to say welcome to the FSF. :D

Hopefully you have found lots of info and ideas on assessment through doing a search. If you require any further help don't hesitate to ask, it is useful when asking for help to be as specific as possible to your particular needs and then you may get more responses, ie: assessment is a very broad area.

Do you need help with

Assessment of individual children to inform planning?

Assessment for achievement files?

Assessment for any particular areas of learning?

etc etc.



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Thank you Peggy, Marion and Hali for your warm welcome.


Peggy it is Assessment for achievement files that I am after if you have any ideas?

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