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I'm a student who will be starting a placement in reception after easter.

Does anyone have any ideas for the topic - Journeys?


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As you are a student this may be a bit difficult but could you take them on a coach journey to the local train station, bus station, airport? You wouldn't need to get off the coach as long as they could see the vehicles coming and going!

The book the Train Ride is nice and one of Neil Griffiths books from the story sack people called The Journey. It's about a young boy who loses his toy boat and the adventures it has on its journey to the sea where it is found by the same boy who lost it.

This is one of those topics that could run and run. Look at how other people make journeys in other countries, rickshaws, camels, bikes etc.

For physical development you could get them to make a journey in different ways over and under obstacles. How do they travel to school, on holidays etc? We've done picture graphs for this.

If I think of anything else I will let you know!


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Hi Alex

We go places with our theme Journeys. We 'journey' to our local shops, following a route. We go in small groups - parents come with us to ensure correct ratios. On the way we have a list of things to look for such as motor bikes, buses, red, yellow cars, etc. blue front doors, cats dogs, man/lady on bike etc etc. When we get to the shops we go to our allocated shops and buy something (usually something that will come in useful at Pre-school). When we get back we talk about what we saw on our journey and show what we bought. We have also been on a round trip on a bus (with parents again). Some children haven't been on a bus before so it is quite exciting for them. I make sure parents agree to these journeys and they sign giving their permission for us to take their child out of pre-school.

We also have a week on a Journey into Space. We make space helmets, back packs, rockets, etc. A good book for this week is The Aliens are Coming. We make alien masks etc.

We also include stories about journeys - The Bear Hunt, Chicken Licken, The Owl and the Pussycat,

We have a week on Moving People - moving home, going on a plane, train and a magic carpet.

Then we have Transporting Objects - we read a Mr Gumpy story about a boat trip. We made boats and put farm animals in them and counted how many animals were in the boat before it sank. We made cakes and then the bags to transport them home in. There are a lot more activities - too many to write.

This is such a good topic,I am sure you will get lots more ideas. :D


Sue J

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