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Im a student specialising in art and need to produce a long term planning framework in this subject.

I would like some help on how to go about planning for nursery! I am not sure if the planning is set out the same as other year groups. Do I focus on the early learning goals and create activities which help to develop these skills?.....I would be grateful for any advice.

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Hi Alex

Just wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you to the site. Can't help with your question at the moment but I'm sure somebody will do so soon.


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Hi there Alex, Ill echo Linda's welcome too.

When you say you are specialsing in art, does that mean that you are looking specifically at the creative development of the FS curriculum or all of it? have you any concrete experiences form school that can help you- I always find it easier to see an example and then modify it rather than start from scratch.

Our LTP covers the whole phase- and is based around the stepping stones and ELG- then we use the themes or topics as the vehicle through which to deliver. This means that not only can be be sure that we have given a fair coverage to everything (which we had in the past been criticised for) but it also means that we can chnage the topics without changing the LTP- only the medium and short term plan changes. But it is very much a work still in progress as it is very different from what we used to which was choose a topic and then see what 'fit' and we felt that this was a bit hit and miss approach which led to us missing some bits out.

I hope soemone else can add more to help you :o

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Thanks Mundia. I am on a 3 year degree course in primary education and my specialist area is in art. We have to plan a framework for 3-11's, so across the school. This is why I am not sure about planning art for the younger children.

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I don't know if this will help but this is our Long Term planning frame work.

Creative Development ~ Learning intentions/knowledge/skills/attitudes

Using colour

¨ To begin to differentiate colours.

¨ To know that a wide variety of colours can be made using the primary colours.

¨ To explore what happens when they mix colours

¨ To know that mixing colours together produces a different colour.

¨ To be able to describe in simple terms the changes that occur when mixing colours.

¨ To know how to make tints using different media .

¨ To choose particular colours to use for a purpose.

¨ To be able to make lighter and darker shades.

¨ To be able to choose and mix colours appropriately for the work in progress.

¨ To observe how artists use colours in different ways.

¨ To express opinions about the work of others.

Pattern and texture

¨ To handle, manipulate and enjoy using materials.

¨ Use their bodies to explore texture and space.

¨ To be able to cut, tear and glue different materials to create collage patterns.

¨ To understand that different media can be combined.

¨ To observe closely - to describe patterns and textures in nature and in man made materials in the nursery, local and wider environment.

¨ To be able to use different printing techniques.

¨ To observe the use made of pattern in the work of artists, designers and crafts people.

¨ To begin to describe the texture of things.

¨ To experiment to create different textures.

Shape, space and form

¨ To develop a sense of spatial awareness.

¨ To make three dimensional structures.

¨ Use ideas involving fitting, overlapping, in , out, enclosures, grids and other shapes.

¨ To begin to represent simple shapes and forms in drawing and model making.

¨ Make constructions, collages, paintings, drawing and dances.

¨ Work creatively on a large or small scale.

¨ Begin to construct, stacking blocks vertically and horizontally and making enclosures and creating spaces.

¨ To explore colour, texture, shape, form and space in two or three dimensions.

Line and tone

¨ To make a range of marks with any media including lighter/ darker, curved zigzag and wavy and straight.

¨ To explore the quality of line.

¨ Use lines to enclose a space, then begin to use these shapes to represent objects.

¨ To explore the quality of line through different media and mark making tools.

¨ To differentiate marks and movements on paper.

¨ To understand what it means to draw from memory, imagination and observation.

¨ To explore the quality of tone.

¨ To explore line and tone in the environment.

¨ To explore the quality of line and tone in artists work.

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