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:) We don't do daily risk assessments at the moment, but know it's something we need to start. Staff always do visual checks both in and out such as toy safety, gate locks etc, but nothing is recorded on paper for the dreaded evidence.

How much detail are people doing? What areas? Just outside or inside too? :o

If anyone has any suggestions or examples of forms please let me know, and help to put me on the right track.

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Hi seashore

We have three forms we complete daily/weekly/annually depending on what it is-I think they may not be enough when OFSTEd come but it's what we do at the moment. They are laminated and we use a whiteboard pen so that we can clean them off weekly/termly and reuse. I will attch them for you.

The attendees one we do as well as the register and the children self register. Everbody is responsible for checking how many children/adults are on the premises each day.





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Thanks Linda given me a start. We do fire checks etc on seperate forms, and doors are all buzzed and keypad entrances. Do recorded checks on garden gates, for animal droppings in garden etc? I remember recently someone saying these and more checks should all be carried out in a daily risk assessment.

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I would love the staff to do these, but to be quite honest with, I always muck in and do the early shift a couple of times a week, and it is a manic 15 minutes getting all the bikes outside, and getting the breakfast stuff ready for the children come in, etc, that they would never find the time.


That would then just frustrate me as it would be another thing not done - but the thing is that I know they only wouldn't do it coz they wouldn't have the time.


That's an awful excuse, but unfortunately is the reality of it.

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We have a format very like Lindas. The daily check list includes the outside of the building. This list is on display and lasts for one week at a time. We also have a children attending and adults in the room poster. This poster will have the number of playgroup children in the room recorded on it & any extras eg parent helpers children, these extra children are recorded like, 24 PG + 1 extra. The adults are all recorded on this poster. This runs along side our register & visitors book. Both of these posters are laminated so they are easy to re-use. Not had Ofsted yet ... but I think the fact that we are addressing the check list every day & using the headcount poster every day should prove that we are on the case!

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Our health and safety officer does ours for us, she feels like she is getting more responsibility and its a job i know will get done because i can rely on her. We have a general list of checks and she just sighns of to say all is okay, or if problems she notes them and puts remidial actions in place :D

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Shelley 1...


we also have manic 30 mins setting up every morning and checking everything etc. we have tried the list to sign etc but found that while you do the checks taking the time to sign and record it every day was constantly forgotten or not done...


we still have the list on display for H&S checks one member of staff is responsible each day for the morning check and all staff for checks during the day of things like wet floors and toilets etc. Ours is more detailed than Linda's we used to have a tick list on the same sheet but eventually removed it as it was never used although checks were done.


Ofsted were impressed with this (outstanding in keeping children safe) along with the individual more detailed risk assessments for certain areas we felt caused a risk to the children's welfare like fire drill, use of toilet area, checking the garden, going out to garden as in our case not free flow and a risk area door locking, collection time of children, , any outings, or walks out as we are near the beach, and we included a few on indoor activities the children do like use of scissors , etc.


The last risk assessment is one I adapted from the forum think it was by Helen originally.






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