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I am trying to source a sandpit for our Outdoor Reception area. A builder's quote for £2500 to build a sunken sandpit has left me a bit stumped! Can anyone recommend a large, wooden sandpit? I've been trawling the internet and they all seem rather small.


Here's hoping.



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I had a carpenter chap build our sunken sandpit. It's about six feet square, made of cedar wood, with two lids that can be lifted off fairly easily, although it needs two people because they are heavy! When the lids are on, it becomes a stage area which is great, too. It's so popular, and 6-8 children can play in or around it quite happily. Can't remember how much it was because it was several years ago, but I know I wouldn't have paid £2500! Each year, I have to put about 25 sacks of sand in it because it does get distributed all over the garden.


If you'd like to see a photo of it let me know and I'll go and take one!

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well I suggested Timberline thats where we ordered ours from.

They let us down big time!! :o

Hadnt even made it yet!! Been scheduled for last friday delivery,worked like trojens to get our new garden ready for then! got garden parties,and the press for today didnt arrive on friday and whats more wasnt even made when WE rang up!!!

Talking to people at exhibition on saturday apparantly they are renown for it!!!

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