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Well you've all got me thinking what to do?


Have been searching the OU website and looking at Foundation Degrees workload, course info etc, and came across the APEL route. Has anyone done this? If so what was it like? The OU web site says there is no tutor support for the course so how do you know if you are doing the right thing or not?


Oh by the way - hubby says 'why not?' when I asked him what he thought I should do re; future study, middle daughter was a bit more down to earth - ".....and when are you going to fit that in? you're always saying you haven't got time......"


. . . .Youngest daughter is contemplating how much less of the Sims she will have if I have to use the computer more than I already do ......so I'm still pondering . . .

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The OU APEL route is new with the first presentation due to start in July this year. I think it results from the 'range' of students that have joined the OU. The entry requirements for E123 stipulate that you have to have been working in an EY setting either paid or voluntary for at least 6 months prior to starting the course. I know there are many, many students like me who are 'older', have quals and years of experience but there were also those who perhaps had started as a volunteer in a playgroup, enjoyed it and decided to go for a qualification - due to family commitments they chose the OU route. Therefore, for some students the contents of E123 is 'familiar' stuff - eg: types of observations whilst for others it was all new.


I think the OU have responded to student feedback and created this new APEL route which reduces the amount of time spent studying E123 and E124. Normally they run from Feb- OCt but if you opt for the new version, coded EZL123/124 they run from July- October. It thereby enables you to complete the foundation degree in a shorter period of time.


When I read about it I wished it had been an option back when I started in 2003 but having given it more thought I am glad it was not available! Yes I had a qualification already and yes I had years of practical experience but I had no recent experience of academic study or essay writing and the support of my tutor was invaluable.


My understanding is that the APEL route only applies to courses E123 and E124 and there is no 'fast track' for other courses that make up the Foundation Degree.


The other thing to bear in mind is that if you choose the APEL route you cannot count these two courses towards the Cert. in Early Years PRactice.


It may well be worth giving the OU a ring - they are normally very helpful.


Sorry I am waffling so will shut up now and hope I haven't added to your confusion :o

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Dont let the course work put you off it always sounds alot at the start of a course but consider it will be spread out over the duration of the course and your children sound old enough to be set to work around the house (thats how I got through my degree slave child labour!!!)


I found my biggest problem was letting go of my work commitments deligating my responcibilities to give myself more time to focus on my study (I was very reluctant to let go of the reigns and put someone else in charge)


and ontop of all this pressure you still need a little "me" time


I must say that I found tutor suport essesntial what kind of support will you get through OU?


well all the best with your decision

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