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Next week e are visiting a local farm. We will be seeing cows, ponies, goats, chickens, sheep and lambs as well as a number of small animals such as gerbils, rabbits, budgies etc... We will have chance to feed the lambs and have a tractor ride. The problem is my mind has gone completely blank as to follow up activities!!!! Help!!

I was thinking for literacy i might try the Big Write which has been discussed at length in another topic. I was thinking of using the farm for this. One of the activities outdoors will be a farmyard. We have some very large plastic animals, wagons and tractors. I thought we could could do a numeracy activity out there with animals in their pens but after this i am blank!! Please Help!!

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how about looking at the care of the animals, what they eat how they live etc,

as well as the foods you may get from them thinking of milk and eggs here , we saw the cows being milked when we went to the farm (at last they began to understand milk does not come from the supermarket!!)

animals they may have at home same as on the farm some may have small animals like rabbits or g.pigs,


Sorry gone blank too must be lots more



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you could

make animal masks

make butter (it is very easy)

make sandwiches with your butter

little red hen

make bread

make a farm visit book

look at wool and other materials

do some sewing round animal templates using wool

make scarecrows

look at different types of eggs

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Lola havent you just had Ofsted? Not surprised you have gone blank and why not plan retrospectively for this--see what the children come up with?

You could do shared writing and make a book about it or individual books, sequence what you did or saw with photos, match mothers to babies developing vocab of animal young, paint pictures etc etc.

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Yeah we have just have Ofsted finished yesterday. We got a good so am over the moon. It's strange though i felt so relieved yesterday but today i feel quite deflated bit of an anti climax and i'm finding it hard to switch off!!

Thanks for your ideas so far guys

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