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Hi this is my first topic on this forum. I have replied to other peoples and constantly browse looking for solutions to problems but have never actually needed to ask you all for advice until today.


I have had a really awful day as i had to tell my nursery assistant her fixed term contract would not be renewed due to financial constraints. :o


She was really upset( which made me feel really crap) and told me she wouldn't be in on monday. She said she had felt used while A senior Nursery Nurse was on maternity leave, although her role was to support staff in the baby room a completely different role to my SNN.


I reassured her this was not the case that it was the directors decision not to have an assistant in that room but she wasn't having any of it.


I really did feel terrible as this was the first time in my role as manager i have had to do such a task. I spoke to a couple of the team who were quite friendly with the assistant who commented how upset she was although were relieved their contracts had been renewed.


It wasn't until one of my nursery nurses came over from the over site and happened to mention that she was fed up with her work and was going to hand her notice anyhow i started to think less guilty and more angry that i could have let one of the others go and then the NA would leave anyhow.


I don't want this to escalate into something horrible as i have a good team who have been with me since we opened.


I think we need some positive reinforcement to boost staff morale and would appreciate any ideas or advice.

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I am sure someone will be along with some fantastic ideas for you I always find a staff night out a good release team building exercise. Sorry you have had such a bad day hope things get better..

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