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:o I am a student for a DPP course, and I am working on "Promoting children's development" (Core Unit 1 - assignment for external marking).

There is a divergence between my totor's and my own understanding of the criteria (I refer to the E points).

She wants us to talk in general about P.I.L.E.S. and only make reference and comparison with the child observed, she does not want anything like "this child" "target child", appearing on the assignment; she says this would be a child's study.

I believe instead, we have to do a proper evaluation of the child's stage of developmentand compare it with what is required in 'developmental norms'.

If anyone of you is aware about this issue, please come along and enlighten us!


Thank you for your help


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Hi Dene, I cant really help you with your question as Im not familiar with the DPP but I wanted to welcome you to the site and thank you making your first post.

Im sure there will be someone with the right experience who will be able to help you. :D

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Hi dene!

Cannot help you immediately, but could try and get some info/suggestions here, as I have some good connections with local PLA. I used to be a registered tutor locally. Will try to get back to you on that one asap. Meanwhile, good luck!

Sue :)

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Hi again!

Have spoken to local RTO for PLA. In her understanding, this unit looks at Child Development, from the point of you answering various questions using observations you have made on one specific child. As such, it is not a 'progression', but a 'snapshot' of the child now. She tells me your 5 Obs should be in an appendix to which you will refer, and do NOT need their own evaluations. This means that you will only be relating what you have SEEN to the questions you need to answer. The Obs can be done all in one day, one a week, however you choose.

I'm afraid this is more in line with your Tutor's interpretation than yours.

Let me know how you get on, I'm interested now.


Sue. :)

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Thank you Sue for your prompt reply,


I will try to work out the information you gave me.

I also sent an email to the CACHE and I will let you know

about the final view of this issue.


Love Dene

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