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Talking of games. We are doing dark and light at the moment and our children are fascinated with space exploration and aliens e.t.c.

We are also having a push on the concept of subtraction.

Many years ago I remember a game where there were 2 dragon oulines on a sheet of A4, " children placed a number of counters on each dragon-(chickenpox) they then threw a die and took away the number of conters shown -whose dragon would be better first?-we called it spotty dragons. -

well yesterdayI had a sudden brainwave to draw 2 jelly like aliens ( easy for me with my poor drawing skills) laminated them and showed the children how to play spotty aliens!! They loved it. One boy asked if he could take it home to play with.

Suppose you could adopt this to many other characters.

Just thought you could do it on a grand scale with cone markers outside and large die. Wish all my ideas would go down so well!!!


Steve tried to add this to the Grandmothers footsteps thread and was told some files were missing!!! Don't understand what that meant so I copied the post and started this new topic


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Guest Wolfie

That's a great idea - subtraction is not always easy to illustrate is it? We're having a bit of a push on calculating and the laguage associated with it at the moment - we're all finding it hard to use "fewer" as a natural part of our conversation! Any ideas for games for that one?! :o

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