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I am doing an assignment on ADHD and a critical analysis of the different beliefs I have found articles about ADHD and i'ts effect but I am desparetely in need of an article that is saying there is no such thing as ADHD so I can compere and evaluate the two. I have btried a google search but no luck. Does anyone have an article or know wher I can access one. Thank You

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Thanks Nina for the question and thanks Marion for the links, I shall read them with interest as my grandson has recently beed 'diagnosed' as 'mild :o ADHD'



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Thanks Marion

Have had a read and I must say some very interesting reading.

Looked at a link also to a Italian site called GiulemanisaiBambini. It is the biggest charity site in europe looking into the idea that ADHD does not need Ritalin. The stories are incredible on children that have died because of the Ritalin with heart attacks convulsions and this charity is doing the largest research in Europe.

Sorry to ramble but I was rather blown away with some of the information.

Will continue listening and reading the Doctors videos

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My son was initially prescribed Ritalin but he said it made him someone else not him (he felt it was in control not him) It did work in the respect that he slowed down and was able the think clearly and perform in school as was expected. A friend put me in touch with a doctor at a nearby hospital who was researching links with diet and my son was put on a very severe exclusion diet (chicken rice water broccoli to start with) and gradually other foods were introduced to see his reaction. The diet worked equally as well as the Ritalin and he felt happier in knowing he was controlling it not being controlled.

My son can't eat things like .........bread, cornflakes, dairy produce pasta all things we consider healthy without becoming hyperactive and unable to concentrate. Unfortunately our education system just doesn't cope with children like this.

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