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HI guys :D ,


can you help? :( Each room in our nursery have been set a challenge by the manager. Preschool's is to develop and create a healthy eating cafe where the children can have their morning snack. we have been given a budget of twenty pounds. xD


:o Have you got any ideas we could use?



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Sounds fun and motivating at your preschool, room competitions, you have the advantage though being a member of the forum gives you a head start for ideas. xD


Our cafe has:


presentation: nice table cloth and pot plant.


server with 8 sections and clear lid.

2 jugs ( one milk, one water )

child sized metal cutlery.

cups, small bowls & plates


( difficult to obtain with only £20)


Foods we have used:


dry fruits

Fresh fruits & veg


Dairy products



rice cakes






variety of spreads

soup ( made by the children) parents bring in one item of veg, prepare, cook, liquidise and enjoy.

sure there's more I've forgotten.


Children learn to wash hands prior to self select


nearby bowl, soapy water, wash-up brush (less messy than a cloth) and drainer

Children wash-up after they have finished. (we re-do in hot water :o )


Let us know how it goes.


Another idea is to have a display of healthy and not so healthy foods, use packaging and let children decide which packets goes under which heading, this gets them talking about healthy eating.



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you can buy really lovely plastic bowls, cups and cutlery in Ikea very cheaply............all the colours of the rainbow! I think they are about £1 for 6 of them and about the same, i think for 4 sets of plastic cutlery.


It would be good fun for the children to make their own dips........things like hummus etc are very easy

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I agree this is a great idea - very motivational for the staff! It got me wondering what the other challenges were??!

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The other challenges were for babies to develop a sensory play area which includes information for parents. Toddlers were given the task to create their reading area



thank you every one for your help :)

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Guest Wolfie

I too think the idea of "challenges" is a really good one - very motivational and encouraging good teamwork...think I might just steal that one! :o

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