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I have to do a reading workshop for parents in my school and of children who will be coming to our school. Their children are aged between 2-7. I need to make it simple but effective as many of our parents have poor reading skills themselves and/or are EAL.


I've thought about using some of the chapters from the 'Foundations of Literacy' book as starting points, so I'll include:


General introduction

1. Introduction

2. Learning to listen

3. Time to talk

4. Music, movement and memory

5. Story time!

6. Learning about print

7. Tuning into sound (phonics)

8. Summary: What can you do to help at home? (Bedtime story, Library etc)


Does anyone have any more ideas / opinions on what should / shouldn't be included. I know there's been stuff on here before (like asking them to read that Welsh train staton etc) but I couldn't find it when I did a search.


Thank you. Any ideas / suggestions gratefully accepted! :)

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Have a look at the Basic Skills Agency website, they seem to have some good tips and also have some publications that you might find useful.

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I agree Susan. When i tried planning it in more detail it was going to be too long so I have refined the main headings:

1. Early skills – listening and speaking

2. Helping your child become aware of reading / Print all around

3. Reading aloud to children AND Reading together

4. Children reading to you – phonics / comprehension

5. Summary: how can you help your child at home (Library; bedtime stories etc).


It's tomorrow and I've stopped stressing now - it's too late anyway! Thanks for your replies.

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We have a similar population Kelly, and this is a big issue for us. Our families dont read often in their own language let alone in English. We do workshops on sharing books with children without needing to be able to read them (we also have a number of dual language books for those parents that can read in their home language).

We videod ourselves doing the JP actions and sounds and put them onto DVDs. This will give parents a permanent record and most of our families have a dvd player

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