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We have been luck enough to access the Quality Premium of the transformation fund which is £5000 per year. 49% can be used to give a pay incentive to the graduate employed and the other 51% has to be used to improve quality of service but can not be used for capital purchases. has any one any suggestions what I can usee the money for struggling with not been able to spend on capital. Thanks

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were investing in:


>books for parents

>lending library for children and parents

>development of the outdoor play area

>a storysack library

>development of props for imaginative play

>in house training for staff

>parents information about our montessori philosophy and how to continue this in the home evvironment

>a sensory garden to raise awareness of the montessori centenary

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I've used it to pay a curriculum allowance for three members of staff to receive inhouse training on an area of the curriculum, and to give them the opportunity to specialise. They've built up files of photos, planning, evaluations etc of their area (eg Maths, Role Play), to show the children's learning and how brilliant our provision is! :o

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