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I recently received a mailshot about VIP, Violence is Preventable (www.violenceispreventable.org.uk). I'll try & summarise what its about! It has been developed and trialled in Dundee. Wee VIP is an abuse prevention programme which introduces personal safety messages to pre-school children with the following aims and objectives:

* increase the ability of young children to deal with potent abusive situations

* provide resources for teachers to talk to children about being safe

*Promote the message 'Say No! Go! Tell!'

*Encourage children to see that they have a right to be safe

*Identify situations where children feel safe or unsafe

*Identify strategies children can use to avoid situations that make them feel unsafe, or to remove themselves from the situations as soon as possible

*Encourage children to tell adults as soon as possible and keep on telling until someone listens


It has some very high profile international support and I was impressed, except with the price - £100.


Has any one seen this resource or even used it. I would love to have some feedback before I spend such a large amount of money!



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Sounds very interesting and possibly useful. What are the findings of the trials?


I would think that to cover this within the nursery following any scheme you would need to get the parents fully on board, possibly info evenings etc to 'back up' what the children are being taught. ie: I still hear parents 'threaten' their children with statements like if you don't behave I'll call the police and they will lock you up :o " Really teaches them how police are there to help THEM.


I wonder if given some thought you could come up with your own delivery of such concepts, taking into account your children, who you know, in your setting and working from where they are, their current understanding, their social context etc.


feedback would be interesting if you do decide to purchase it.



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