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hi all,

i am currently on my final teaching practice in a year r class of 23 and have just recieved a job as a reception teacher. anyway im getting really confused about how the day at my placemnt is panning out.


she does the register etc and then does phonics work as a whole class then the children complete a sheet (jolly phonics) is this the right way to do it or should she and i for that matter being doing shared reading then phonics (like nls)


she then does numeracy and break etc


then plan do review


sorry if im not making sense but what im really asking for is how are your days structured what do you do for each area of learning to cover it durring the weak (is is it taught as seperate subjects) and mainly how do you teach literacy



many thanks


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Thought Id bring this back up for attention since you hadnt had any replies yet. Have you looked at the planning forum-there are many discussions about this type of thing. Ill pop back later if you havent found it and put in the links for you :o

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Re: literacy.


I do shared reading followed by group work most days, with phonics work placed outside the literacy session altogether. If I want the children to do some phonics group work, I do the whole class phonics work followed by group tasks, then the shared reading/writing outside the time. Most of our literacy books are connected to the topics we are doing, so that a lot of K&U work is done at the same time (keeping an eye on clear objectives at all times!) Therefore a "literacy" session is usually actually CLL, K&U, CD and sometimes there's PD, MD and PSED too. I used to tend to 'compartmentalise' things into subjects but it's not the way the children work, so I just make sure I've got the coverage of all subjects across the week!


Hope this makes some sense, :D


Dianne xxx

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