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Indoor Footware?


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What sort of footware do you use in your baby room for the under 2's?


I have been working in a Children's Centre today and wore slippers (not own) and now my back hurts. Now I remember why I don't ware them, unless they have a hard sole and a very small heal to support me.


I was thinking of buying one of the following:


slippers like my mums with a hard sole and supportive,

outdoor shoes like ballet shoes but use them indoors only,

slipper socks over my own socks.


I seem to remember having lots of problems waring slippers in the past.








I just read this back and sorry for all the spelling mistakes.

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Some of the girls like to wear slippers in the baby unit, but personally, i prefer to just wear socks. There's always the issue of the fire alarm going off and having to carry babies down the stairs wearing slippers...just panics me, I always think I'm going to fall down the stairs.


I tend to just wear my socks, makes me feel comfortable and I'm more able to run around in them.


We also have a lady that works with us who wears ballet shoes indoors, but she always complains that her feet hurt.

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I wear those little knitted shoe/slippers with the rubber dots on the bottom to stop slipping. They keep feet cosy and the children love the funky colours! Just bought a new pair today in new look, colours of the rainbow! :D

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