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I need some help with finding some chinese music and song's to use with my preschoolers to help celebrate chinese new year .

I used to sing a song about a dragon but have lost the words.

something like dance dragon the new day has come

dance gragon dance the down comes the rain or something like that if anybody knows it.


But any suggestions would be kool. Just started at a new setting that have never celebrated it before so having to start from scratch with music and song's :o

Hope you wise people can help thanks blue

sorry about the spelling

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Don't know if this is any use

Chinese New Year Song



Gung Hay Fat Choy – Chinese New Year Song

(wishing you good fortune and happiness)


Sing as a fingerplay with the simple hand motions, or pass out rhythm instruments and have children play on the chorus. Or you use as a circle dancing, holding hands and walking around on the chorus, and stopping to make hand motions on the verses).



(keep a rhythm patting hands together one hand up, then the other)

Gung Hay Fat Choy, Gung Hay Fat Choy

Sing Happy New Year, Gung Hay Fat Choy


1. The new moon tells us, exactly when

(hold up one hand in C shape for crescent moon)

To celebrate with family and friends (clap hands in rhythm)


2. Clean up the house and get out the broom (pretend to sweep)

Sweep out the old year, bring in the new


3. Bring out the apples, the oranges too (hold out one fist, then the other)

Their colors bring us joy and good luck too


4. The dragon dances, the lanterns light

(place hands together, and snake around )

The firecrackers light up the night

(alternate right and left fist out with fingers opening quickly to mimic shooting fireworks).

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hope these will help;


Chinese Dragon

(to the tune of "Frere Jacques")


Chinese dragon, Chinese dragon,

Breathing fire, breathing fire,

Happy, happy new year,

Happy, happy new year,

Gung hay fat choy,

Gung hay fat choy.



Chinese Hello Song

(to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell")


Let's wave and say "Ni hao (nee how),"

Let's wave and say "Ni hao."

Let's say "hello" to all our friends,

Let's wave and say "ni hao."



Tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"


Dragon, dragon, dance around.

Dragon, dragon, touch the ground.

Dragon, dragon, shake your head.

Dragon, dragon, point to red.

Dragon, dragon, stamp your feet.

Dragon, dragon, run down the street.



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The Dragon Dragon one to the tune of Twinkle is one we did for Chinese New Year last year and the children loved it. At the moment we are doing Castles and Dragons (children's choice) and the song is being used again. Those who were with us last year remembered it straight away and the new ones love it too. :D Definitely worth doing!

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There's quite a nice one in the Musical express [Foundation Stage] called 'Chinese New year is here again'. [Also some nice clips on the dvd]


The song Sandie mentions can be found on Nancy Stewart's site

Children's Music Performance & Recordings by Nancy Stewart


I downloaded it onto my MP3 player to play with the children. The sheet music's also available there. If you go to 'Holiday Songs' then click on 'Gung Hay Fat Choy' you should find it - and lots more!

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