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anyone got any ideas for a role play area with a limited budget for a mixed foundation stage ks1 classroom. Topics being covere are materials and cold climates. Mainly focussing on materials. It needs to encourporate lots of opportunities for lit and num development!



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I know you can buy an igloo tent from Ikea for £4.49. Just go on the main web site and go onto product search. It is called Koja, by clicking on that you will get a picture of it and then that page lets you check if your local store has one.

Anne (alias Zambonie)

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Have a look under Planning in the Resource Library as there is an idea for winter there. The wonderful thing about children is that once sparked off with an idea they can use thier imaginations, so you don't need a lot of expensive resources but can make do. The children will come up with ideas. After all a large box can be a car, boar, plane, cupboard etc. whatever the chidlren wish. You can make what you need with the children and this will mean that they feel more involved, and may mean that they look after your area more carefully because they have made it.

I expect you will get lots of ideas from people on here. If you are doing materials what else are you doing on this theme as this might help suggest the role-play theme.

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Arctic expedition?


I saw this idea in a Foundation science pack, they had just used big white sheets for the back drop and floor with paper snowflakes decorated with silver glitter, the also had a 'tent' (made out of coloured material draped over a trianglar clothes horse, + camping equipment (minus a real camping stove!). Materials linked in with - what would keep us dry (test different materials) what would keep us warm. Changing states - what happens to ice when it melts? water when it freezes?


Literacy opportunties:


Group writing - spider diagram of what we might need to go on an expedition

Equipment list

Food list

'What did you see?' Journal entry (link to we're going on a bear hunt?)

Registers - who is on the expedition

catching fish with key words / letter sounds (canes + sting with magnets and card cutouts with paperclips)


Numeracy opportunities:


Problem solving - who will carry what on the expedition? sharing the equipment out equally.

Counting - how many of each item have we got - writing this down - tallies and totals.

Counting out sets e.g. hats, scarves, gloves (doubled), socks,

Pattern and symmetry - making the snowflakes,

Making a number display - 1 penguin, 2 polar bears etc


hope this helps

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