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I am looking at ideas for changing our menus for lunch, teas and snacks for the children I would like to bring in if possible food from around the world and go for healthy options. can anyone help me with examples of menus or suggested dishes. Any help would be gratefuly received. Thank You

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I don't know about things from around the world, but we have cottage pie, cauliflower and brocolli cheese, sweet and sour chicken, lasagne, tuna pasta, cod in parsley sauce with lots of veg.


For tea we introduced natural yoghurt with dried fruit - they love exploring (and eating) the dried fruit. Fruit kebabs have been popular too - it's really interesting to see how the children eat them. The older children pick up the skewer and munch the fruit down the side, the younger children take each piece off. Some of them sit for ages trying to get the skewer back into exactly the same tiny hole it came out of, and some use the skewer to stab the fruit in any old place, and eat it from off the end of the skewer!!

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For tea...


Tortilla wraps are great fun - you can provide the ingredients and the children can compose their own wraps (cooked chicken, ham, lettuce, peppers, cucumber, celery, tomatoes....) You can do the same with pitta bread too.


Bread pizzas - again, children can make their own by smearing tomato puree or chopped tomatoes on bread/toast, with their own toppings - cheese, ham,peppers,onions, mushrooms...


Sliced raw veg and dips are good finger food


Smoothies are great too (again with the children choosing their own ingredients)


Sorry, a bit of a theme developing there... I'm into the children being independent at the moment and taking responsiblity!

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