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Job Description For Named Personnel


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Hi all


I was wondering if anyone has job descriptions for the following named personnel?


Health and Safety Officer

Named person for Equal Opportunities

Named person for Behaviour management

Named person for Child protection


I did a quick search and Carolyn C posted the same question yonks ago, for the same reason! PLA Accreditation.


Or any ideas where I should start? Obviously we have policies for all the above.


Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Sharon, seems no one has job descriptions, or this post has been missed.


My job descriptions require all staff to follow the listed policies, the actual officer role is to ensure policy and practice is implimented, monitored, evaluated and reviewed. I did use to require each officer to prepare a small report on their role for staff meetings, ie: H&S officer may inform staff of a specific risk assessment recently carried out. I send the 'officers' to relevant training and their role is also to cascade their training to other staff.

Don't have actual role job descriptions though.




just a thought, I did once ask the relevant staff to write their own job description of what they thought the role entailed, can't remember what I did with that though and staff have changed since then. :o



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Could you just insert a section in policy stating who the named person is, and say something like it is their responsibilty to ensure staff are aware of policy, procedures connected (if?) and to oversee practice in the light of this.


Just a thought to throw in, here - I'm Named Person for Equal Opps, have no remit as such, just always thought it was up to me to encourage good practice in that area, make sure staff aware of policy and perhaps suggest good resources, etc..... :o



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I am happy to share the ones I wrote. My PLA development worker did not have any existing examples to show us so I did these myself from scratch. They will need adapting to suit your setting but may give you a starting point. They got us through stage 1 of the PLA accreditation.







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Many many thanks Carolyn and all those who responded.


I had asked the individual staff members to try and write their own job descriptions over the holidays, but it will be great to now give them a starting point



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