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:o We have just had the 'phone call' and they are coming to inspect Modern Foreign Languages. (Luckily for us he wanted to come in half term, so new date is set for March so time is on our side).

Are advisory has had this 'fab' idea that i set up a french cafe in my role play area to show that French is being embraced by the whole school.


I was wondering if anyone had any useful ideas to create this cafe.


( i got an appropriate grade for french at school F)

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Grade 5 at CSE. But the teacher congratulated me on it because he thought I would fail completely :o


Could you use some french words associated with a cafe with the english alongside? Pictures of typically french foods, aswell as more simple fare. Accordian music? I know it sounds very steryotypical though, sorry. Could you make bread? I'm pretty sure the french buy about twice a day to ensure freshness, or my french teacher always maintained they did. :D

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You could have some real cents and Euros and look at how they are different to pounds and pence. You could have a patisserie (cake shop) or boulangerie (baker shop). Make the bread and cakes out of salt dough. Try real croissants and french bread. You could count in french as well.


You could teach the children the words to 'frere Jaques' or I like the song from the musical (can't remember if it is South Pacific or Carousel)


Dites-moi pourquoi la vie est belle

(tell me why life is beautiful)

Dites-moi pourquoi la vie est gaie

(tell me why life is gay - happy)

Dites-moi pourquoi chere mademoiselle

(tell me why dear young lady)

Est-ce que parce que tu m'aime

(Is it because you love me)


If you just want some pleasant music with someone singing in french try Francoise Hardy - she is sort of like a french Sandy Shaw.



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What about creating a flag from some old sheeting and getting the children to paint it or make smaller ones on paper to cover your cafe. What about doing something with the Eiffel Tower, they have a restaurant in it. Could introduce all sorts of other things. What about cooking pancakes or crepes - isn;t it pancake day soon - you can buy them already made and then just add different fillings or make your own from scratch. What about recreating the work of some french artists for the cafe walls as well. What about the children learning to do Marcel Marceau mime - no idea if this wold work but it sounds good. Try and get a line of garlic/onions for decorating your cafe. there are plenty of french breads too, croissants, brioche, french sticks and I am sure there are lots of others - you could try looking in one of those nice delis perhaps for some ideas, and of course quiche lorraine or Normany tart would be easy to make to - no other ideas to hand. Except I would definitely try some of the red wines just to familiarise yourself with all that is french.


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Another idea...


Do you have any French parents or someone suitable!!? We have quite an international flavour to our school and one year we invited a French mum into school to read a picture book (with quite a lot of text) to the class (obviously a non-shy mum.) The children sat entranced!

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