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I am a final year student needing help with my special study about leadership in early years. I would be very grateful if you could spend 5 mins answering a few questions. :o


1)Do you feel confident as a leader?


if so, how do you feel this confident was built?


if not, why?


2)Have you ever had or been offered training on leadership? (please state name & comment about it).


3) Do you feel more support should be provided for leadership in early years?


4) How would you describe your leadership skills?


5) Do you feel your leadership skills affect your daily work? if so, how?


Thankyou for answering my questions this will be very helpful!!

Feel free to reply to my email: mudpants_uk@yahoo.co.uk xD

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will try to answer, am playleader/manager of a rural preschool, we have 40 spaces a day with 72 on the roll


1. Yes i feel confident, through my nvq 3 training, personal achievements, dedicated staff

2.there are a few couses around through local eydcp, have done a few and some were good and others a waste of time, cant remember exact titles though


4. i tend to allow my team to help with decisions, we are all friends and work closely together. although i can disciple them as necessary

5. yes they enhance my work showing my team the correct way to work

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I supervise a pre school....

1. Yes i am confident as a 'leader' built by taking my role on and working with the staff not leading them

2. No havnt been offered courses in leadership

Yes more support for leadership is needed

3. I work and do as they do as i was told 'do as i do not what i say' also we all get on well have a good t team and make desicions together!

4. Yes i do feel that more and more of my time are taken up with paperwork and talking to people but on the whole i work with the team to make the system work!!!and have a loveluy nursey at the end of the day :D

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