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Guest sophie

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Guest sophie

: hi to all nursery managers out their need some advice.

thinking of setting up a nursery with my husband he's got business experience and I've got the child care experience as I already manage a pre-school. Can anyone advise me of any pitfalls I may come across and if there is any funding available.

We are looking for a building we can convert have anyone done this and is there anything we need to take into account.

Will be grateful for any advice or contacts.

Thanks all in advance.


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If I were you, my first port of call would be the Development Officer from your EYDCP. He/she will have all the information on grants available, NNIs, etc. Are you thinking of living in the building too, or is it going to be completely separate from your home?

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A quick word of advice! Get a Buisness Plan together and get a list of everything that you need to get done. I am not too sure on setting up a nursery the advice given already sound very good!


I would advise you to get a copy of the Foundation Stage Curriculum, Birth to three Matters(if you are catering for under threes as well) and a copy of the standards that are applicable to your setting type. Go though the standards and write down everything you think you need from policies to procedures to First Aid box contents to who can collect the children. :)


If you can get as much as possible into place before you open. Have basic policies and procedures. handbooks, etc, ready to go. Write an action plan as well detailing what need to be done and how you will do it.


I know this sounds heavy!! :( but from experience this will be worth while starting anything to do with childcare is hard work and time very quickly becomes very precious!! xD


Good Luck!! Let us know how it's going. Personaly the idea of setting up a childcare facility whatever it is scares the living daylights out of me!! :o hehehe

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One of the major barriers to think of is planning! You will need to get planning permission to change the usage to D1 educational if the building used to be used for something else. Do not commit to taking on a lease until you have this! You can say in your terms and contitions when negotiating the lease that it would be subject to planning. (can you tell I have just been doing this!!) we did not get planning permission for the building we wanted, and luckily had ensured we were not tied to anything if we didn't get it. You will also need to apply for change of use to any outside space that you are converting I.e if it is currently a car park and you are turning it into a play area. I would say finding the right building is a complete nightmare, but keep looking, I am! Good luck x

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