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This is my first time, so not sure how this works!! I need help with literacy and PE.


Been observed by Head and she wants me to focus on letter formation in literacy. Any fun suggestions how I can do this? Been getting them to write in the air and playdo. But she wants them all to be forming letters correctly by the end of reception. Plus, only just introduced their sightwords and need fun suggestions to do with them during the day. :)


Also, don't feel I'm getting the best out of my children when it comes to PE lessons, so any suggestions about that would be great.

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hi and welcome


We do A3 sized 'rainbow letters' for formation practice once the children are ready ......an outline of the letter with starting point marked and a direction arrow. the children write the letter inside the outline using as many colours as they can fit in.

We also use something called Write dance which is a programme for helping children to write but could be a PE activity done to music.

Have you seen Action Words? They are a similar idea to JP but for whole words with actions to match each of the HFWs so are a bit more fun

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Caroline

Welcome to the site.

Children could form letters in sand tray,someone recently suggested having holographic paper under the sand which I have yet to try but sounds like fun!Shaving foam,chalking on blackboards outside is popular with my Reception children.THe interactive whiteboard is always popular,we have just shown them the devise on smart where once you have written a word by tapping on the word it comes up with options, if thier writing is recognisable you tap again and their handwriting changes to text...magic.

I have made a dry wipe board for each child with their own name and a dot where to start for correct formation.

have fun


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Hi Caroline,

Welcome to the Forum :)

Have you come across Val Sabins' stuff for young children? We use her Action Kids programme which includes some great pieces of music for movement work, and loads of ideas for pre-gymnastics skills and general gross motor development. You can find it here

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Hi Josie, we have smartboard, to convert handwriting to typed text is possible,and our children quickly learn how to do this.

Use the 'pen' to write whatever you wish. Then go to the large arrow (the select tool), and select the writing (as if you are drawing a text box). Then goto the drop down box in the top corner, and it gives you options of what the text should say, just choose the correct one. early attempts often don't work if the children don't have very good handwriting and if they aren't very IWb wise yet, but it is a great motivator for some children. (you can just write one letter or a family of letters)


give it a go,

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Hi there


I have been using this website Communication4all and downloaded the magic pencil interactive letter activity. The children all sit on the carpet and watch the magic pencil then with whiteboards and pens try to do the same thing, we have to watch it a couple of time to make sure we can all do it right. I say 1-2-3 show me and they all hold up their whiteboards, when I have seen them they can wipe their boards. Its not particularly "creative" but we do use magnetic letters and laminated name and word strips. They all seem happy to do this activity but we only do it once in a while with a particular letter that I know some children are finding difficult to form. Hope this helps?




Another thing I do is to get the children to make their bodies into different letters of the alphabet during PE (they might need to find a partner for some!) but they really love it. We say the sound, do the JP action and take it in turns to guess key childrens letters each week.

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