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Hi all

i wonder can you help me i have a level 4 early childhood studies qualification and i have heard that sometimes level 4 is acceptable for the EYPS course, if you can prove youi have the relevent experience which i feel i have in my role in managing a nursery does anyone know if this is right really would be grateful for any info thanks x jojom x

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HI Jojom

Sorry but level 4 is not 'enough' :( I am just about to complete my Foundation Degree in Early Years but do not get my results until April.


Different EYP providers seem to have different criteria for accepting candidates! Some will accept people with FD results pending but others will not. If you are accepted with FD you still have to do further study to full degree level whilst also doing EYP. You must have GCSE Maths and English at Grade C or above. The majority of providers offer an 'equivalency test' in Maths for those candidates who do not have a GCSE (not sure about the English!).


I have spoken to so many providers this week and yes experience certainly counts but being at degree level before being awarded EYPS is essential. The frustrating thing I feel is that you could have a degree in Scuba diving and some experience over the last 3 years of working with children and that is sufficient to be accepted. There was an interesting letter in Nursery World a couple of weeks ago about a lady with bucket loads of experience a BA(Hons) in Early Years and an MA and she was refused due to not having the maths!!!


I am awaiting a phone call today to see whether a local provider will accept me before my FD results arrive in April - it is a possibility but I will have to do the long pathway and undertake further study at the same time as doing EYPS and will (hopefully) come out with BA (hons) in EY and EYPS. I need to do the maths equivalency test though and going by the sample paper that arrived yesterday my first job is to urgently brush up on my maths!! :o


It is all very frustrating especially if you know you can meet the standards xD

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nothing more to add really than most providers do provide a maths and english equivelency test, i am having to do both, Desperatly need to brush up on maths, scary thought.


My personal feelings on EYP are that it seems not a whole lot of people really know what it is about (in that i actually mean the people orgainising the course) or at least this has been my experience so far.... I think the 'criteria' in terms of entry are slightly up the wall, as Geraldine points out you could have a degree in scuba diving but you would still get on EYPS (be it the long route) it seems a bit bad that people with years of experience but no degree can't access this.


I am on EYP at present and it seems a minefield, wonder if it will get any easier, or at least make more sense to me :o



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Hi Jojom

I know that although I have a teaching certificate (not at degree level) and 17 years experience in owning and managing a pre-school I cannot apply for EYPS.

I do think that the level for this will have to change as there will be a shortfall in practioners who will qualify.


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I didnt think so, it seem so unfair when i can tick every "often" box on the self asessment form and i have 15 years of experience 10 of which are in a senior role thanks for your info x

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