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Feeling Gutted


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Hi All,

Sos haven't been around for a while but have been juggling work, kids, 2 assignments and revising for 2 exams as well as aload of family issues.

All was going well although hectic ubtil last Wednesday when we had our exams. 1 on Families and 1 on Psychology - early child development.

Familes was ok but Psychology was horrendous. We have had problems with this module as our lecturer left within the first few weeks having taught us nothing. Another couple of weeks went by with no lecturer, when one of our other lecturers offered to take over.

We were running out of time but she intensivley taught us what we needed to know for our assignment and we thought our exam.

Revised, read, researched etc - exam was on 17th and knew none of it.

Not strictly true, I knew 3 answers out of the 60. Ok, it was multiple choice but I didn't

I know that degree level is all about independant learning but surely some sort of subject guide must be provided.

The rest of the group are in the same boat but I feel so deflated that all that time and effort on my assignment will probably have been wasted, all because of this exam.

We were also told that we need to pass every module to pass the FD.

Feeling quite deflated about it all :o


Net x

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I endorse Marions advise.


I can only imagine how you must be feeling, and most probably totally worn out by the experience, but try and muster the energy to protest at inadequate tutor supply. If expectations are so much on self study, then why have tutors in the first place. :o



again as Marion say's you have most probably done much better than you think.


Big hugs from me too.



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Oh Net,


What a horrible feeling to have. :o Unfortunately it looks like you have been let down badly. Independent learning is one thing, but not being given guidance in the right direction is something else entirely. Hope that you can manage to sort this out and continue with your degree. Lots of hugs from me too xx

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Hi Net. We are in a similar position to you too with the independent learning lines they keep spinning us, although, to be fair, we haven't had the tutor issues that you have had.


We all entered our development module exam without really knowing what we are supposed to do and the dreaded results are due next week. I'm not getting too uptight yet though because there is opportunity to resit a little later this term.


On a more positive note however, I managed to complete and pass the presentation part of the overall assessment for the unit, which comprised of 2 presentations and a holistic evaluation, so although it is only half of the final grade for the module, it is half way there, and to be honest, I never in a million years though I would pass.


So as Peggy and Marion have already said, you have probably done far better than you thought given the difficult circumstances you and your colleagues were all expected to work to.


Hope you manage to take it up successfully with your course leader and sending virtual hugs your way. x

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That's really miserable - sometimes everything just seems to happen all at once and everything just seems to be against you. That's certainly how I feel at times - can keep most of the balls going for most of the time but then they all collapse. I am sure that you will be able to resit this especially if you didn't have the proper support, the College will I hope want to help you all through this. Besides you may just get the mark you want especially as it was multiple choice you might just strike lucky and have chosen all the right answers - perhaps a good relaxing weekend would be in order, get back to what really matters and I am sure the other things will fall into place.


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Thank you all for your kind words and hugs.

I am planning to say somthing to our course leader and will hopefully have back up from others. Some people don't like to rock the boat or might have achieved a higher mark through being even luckier with the correct guesses.

It doesn't help that we haven't had any feedback from assignments as of yet, so I have no idea if I have bodged them up as well.

I need to chill out , tidy the house, lock away pre school and uni, until monday that is.


Thanks again


Net xx


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